Honda Marine

Peace of mind

With our dedication to performance and innovation, Honda delivers power with unmatched reliability. To back this up Honda is proud to announce the extension of the 7* year domestic warranty and 3* year commercial warranty. The Honda warranty maintains the same value throughout its lifetime, ensuring the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first; peace of mind on all Honda outboard owners.

Honda's Exclusive Corrosion Protection

Every Honda engine undergoes a vigorous four-stage coating process for protection against harsh conditions such as ultraviolet rays and extensive saltwater exposure. First, the double- sealed anodising treatment is applied to the aluminium alloy base, followed by the epoxy primer undercoat, the acrylic aqua marine silver paint and, finally, the acrylic resin topcoat. With Honda, complete durability means innovation at every level.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda's lean burn control technology ECOmo permits combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel ration than standard. High horsepower Honda engines consume up to 50% less fuel than conventional two-stroke engines, thanks to Honda's exclusive Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and lean burn control systems. These advanced systems optimise the air/fuel mixture to ensure maximum performance out of every drop. With industry leading fuel economy Honda will take you further for less!

Maximum Power

With a unique synergy of automotive and marine engine technologies, the BF250 epitomises Honda's passion for engineering excellence. With its 3.6L V6 Engine, world-first direct air induction system and striking cowl design, the BF250 delivers the ultimate on-water experience.

Honda's BF175, BF200, BF225 provide boaters with the most technically advanced outboard power available. A highperformance gear case further contributes to the V6 engine series' impressive accelerator and top-end speed. The BF150, BF225 and BF250 are also equipped with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC™) - the same system Honda uses in its racing technology; sports cars and other motor vehicles. VTEC™ ensures smooth, stable idling, while the increased valve lift at high revs broadens the torque curve and provides incredible top-end power.

Honda's BF115, BF135 and BF150 deliver seamless performance and optimum power for a smooth and enjoyable boating experience. Based on the same reliable engine that powers the globally popular Honda Accord, the BF115, BF135 and BF150 have been manufactured with the world's most innovative, efficient and reliable technology. Both outboards offer power-to-weight ratios to rival two-stroke engines in the same class.

Complete Security

For absolute reliability, Honda outboards come with a complete range of security features, including oil pressure and over heating alert systems. Even more importantly, junior operators will have the tools they need to head out to sea with confidence. With neutral gear or start-in-gear protection, and an emergency kill switch that attaches to the operator's wrist, Honda increases both your confidence and theirs.

NMEA 2000 Compliance

All Honda outboards from the BF40 to BF250 are NMEA2000 compliant, allowing simplified connectivity with other NMEA2000 electronic equipment such as sonars/fishfinders, chartplotters and other devices via CANbus network technology.

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