Honda Marine

4-Front Corrosion Protection

There's much more than simply great cosmetic appearance behind that metallic silver finish. Each Honda engine undergoes a vigorous 4-stage coating process for protection against harsh conditions, like ultraviolet rays and extensive saltwater exposure. First, the double sealed, anodising treatment is applied to the Honda aluminium alloy base, followed by the epoxy primer undercoat, the acrylic silver metallic paint and finally the acrylic resin clear topcoat. With Honda, complete durability means applying innovation at every level.

Advanced Engine Technology

Every Honda outboard engine integrates the most effective systems and technologies for their power range, so you get unrivalled speed and acceleration no matter what size you use, at any rpm. Over the years, we have used our experience as the world's largest engine manufacturer to perfect 4-stroke engines that are clean, quiet and economical. With advanced engineering, exclusive Honda technologies and our pursuit of excellence, Honda will continue to offer high quality products that set the standard in engine technology.


With our dedication to performance and innovation, Honda delivers power with unparalleled reliability. At Honda, we build engines that can be relied on to perform day in, day out. Our deep level of experience and commitment to precision manufacturing techniques, has allowed Honda to build a reputation for consistency. The sleek design of Honda outboards reflects the superb engineering that goes into every model, which pairs proven technology with reliability for an enjoyable experience in the water.

Smooth Operation

Honda outboards are designed with the consumer in mind. That is why Honda's high horsepower outboards integrate an inverted flywheel at the base of the power head. This lowers the centre of gravity to greatly reduce vibration and provide smooth handling.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda 4-stroke technology ensures low fuel consumption without compromising maximum performance. By comparison, Honda 4-stroke outboards are around 50% more fuel efficient than conventional 2-stroke models and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Complete Security

For absolute reliability, Honda outboards come with a complete range of security features, including oil pressure and over heating alert systems. Even more importantly, junior operators will have the tools they need to head out to sea with confidence. With neutral gear or start-in-gear protection, and an emergency kill switch that attaches to the operator's wrist, Honda increases both your confidence and theirs.

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BF2.3 2.3HP @ 5,500 RPM

BF4 4HP @ 5,000 RPM

BF5 5HP @ 5,500 RPM

BF6 6HP @ 6,000 RPM

BF8 8HP @ 5,000 RPM

BF10 10HP @ 5,500 RPM

BF15 15HP @ 5,000 RPM

BF20 20HP @ 5,500 RPM