Sailing Engine 9.0mhp - 125mhp

Power Solution - Go Quickly Go Quietly

YANMAR diesel engines are the lightest and toughest solutions available for sailboat inboard power. Smooth and quiet, innovative and built to last, the reputation of these engines is second-to-none.YANMAR has been building diesel engines for nearly 100 years, always with the philosophy of developing more power for less weight.

Powerboat Engine 150mhp - 900mhp

Right Choice - Taking Performance Further

Some owners use their YANMAR diesels to help them win competitions or break records. Some use them to go for high-speed, long-distance cruising. Others are content to take a more leisurely approach to their time on the water. All can enjoy confidence in their YANMAR power. YANMAR Marine Engine are the toughest and most durable power packs available for pleasure boating.

MASE Diesel Powered Generators

Top Class Quality - More Power with Better Fuel Consumption

Since 1980, Mase has been committed to producing specially designed generators for permanent installation on board of boats. Thanks to it's constant research in technology, which aims at improving the standard of quality in products for increasing demanding customers all over the world, the company has acquired the experience and knowledge that today makes it one of Europe's leading suppliers of marine gensets.

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